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Küçük amcik Hakkında Gerçekler Bilinen.

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Despite being frivolous and cheerful majority of the time, she bears a hidden solemn and deductive side which comes out in more grave situations, doing everything in her power to aid others during these times.

Ingenious at the martial art of fencing, she katışıksız speedily excelled her training, and is recognized from her achievements thus far kakım the strongest of those repelling the demon influence.

Enhanced Hacking Abilities: When Serious, Asagi's eyes get surrounded by a red light, and she shows an enhancement in her hacking capabilities as she was able to decipher the puzzle for Nalakuvera's activation, and could also count bey a physical boost, since her finger movement speeds up to such a degree that she was able to hack a whole corporation with just her alışılagelen laptop, and while fending off Tank Rider's hacking that's supported by an entire corporation's servers., as shown in episode 3 of Strike the Blood II. Etymology

Asagi gets ready to settle down with her boyfriend Sawaki Kousuke but peace is cut short when faced with the threat of Oboro and the OFA (Oboro Forbearance Army), kakım she is dragged into the demonic underworld and must fight for life and her family in the depraved Chaos Arena. Story

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Particle Control: Taimanin are able to manipulate Taima Particles to enhance their physical strength, speed and defense. The particles also are used to counter demonic influences and strengthen damage to demons.

Asagi says in her interview that those who ruined her chance of becoming main character shall be punished. Disgaea 3: Absence of Justice[edit

Kurou They have a relaxed working relation with each other, build on trust and shared mission. Joking around bey both are veterans, he is considered her right hand man.

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Because Kojou was the primary reason for her persona shift, this means she takes her love for Kojou very seriously and does whatever she birey to impress him. Similar to Yukina, she also becomes jealous quite easily when it comes to other girls spending time with Kojou.

As the leader of all Taimanin and current academy's principal, she is a figure demanding respect from friend and foe, well known as the strongest Taimanin.
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